WooCommerce Business Intelligence Tools

Want to Increase your Sales, Customer Engagements? Naturally Yes, Isn’t it?
WooCommerce Business Intelligence (BI) Plugin can surely help you with this
With WooCommerce Business Intelligence (BI) Tool, get to know quickly and easily –
  • New Customers, (Send them Welcome mails)
  • Repeat Customers (Send offers to Loyal customers)
  • Customers who purchases most
  • Customers who has not purchased since last 30 days, n Days, 3 Months OR customers at Risk (who has not made any purchase since long time)
  • Send them Hello mails, coupon offers and bring them back on your site

WooCommerce Business Intelligence (BI) Plugin will give you many more sales insights to help you manage your sales effectively
Plugin will give you all such customer details, email address which you can export and send emails using your preferred email manager

Version Supported

WordPress – 3.0 To 5.1.1 WooCommerce – 2.1.10 To 3.5.7 Language Supported: English

Plug-in does not supports Multi Currency.

WooCommerce Customer Based Segments

Customer Based Segments

  • Customer who has not purchased since last n months
  • Customers at Risk
  • Lost Customers
  • High Average Value Orders
  • Low Average Value Orders
  • New Customers
  • Repeat Customers
  • Refunders

Time Based Segments

  • Since last 3 Months purchase
  • Recent Purchase
  • Recent Refunders
  • Customer At Risk
  • Lost Customers
  • Not Purchased Since n Months
WooCommerce Time Based Segments
WooCommerce Customer Center

Customer Center

  • Customer Basic Information
  • Sales and Refund Contribution Graph towards total sales/refunds
  • First and Last Sales Date, Total Order Count, Order Since Days
  • Total Sales, Refund and Products count, amount
  • List of Products purchased by customer
  • List of Coupons used by customer
  • Recent Orders
  • Month wise Sales Crosstab report

Product Center

  • First and Last sales date, Max Qty. Sold Date, Order Qty.
  • Sales and Refund Contribution Graph towards total sales/refunds
  • Current Stock Qty., Average Sales Qty., Stock Valid Days, Stock Valid Date
  • Total Sales, Refund, Coupon Count and Amount
  • Average Daily Sales, New Customers, Repeat Customers Count and Amount
  • Country wise sales, Order Status wise Summary
  • Product Monthly Sales
  • Product Monthly and Daily Sales Graph
WooCommerce Product Center

Filters: All Reports can be filtered by any date range like Today, Yesterday, Last 7 Days, Last 30 Days, Last 90 Days, This Month and can select custom date range as well.

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