WooCommerce – Smart Delivery Manager

WooCommerce Smart Delivery Manager plug-in helps you to manage all your delivery related day to day activities plus manage all other activities like Stock Planning, Stock reports, Profits and most important comprehensive sales analysis which not only helps you manage your business but also helps you increase your sales

Version Supported:

WordPress – 3.0 To 4.9.8
WooCommerce – 2.1.10 To 3.5.0
Language Supported (English)
Plug-in does not supports Multi Currency.

Delivery Management

Order Delivery Summaries on Dashboard

Dashboard shows Date wise Order Delivery Summaries, shows total no. of orders, order value clicking on date link will show you Order details for given date

Top 5 Profitable Product

Order Delivery Date Report Detail by Product, City, Pincode, Customer

You can also get Order Detail by Product, City, Pincode, Customer for selected Delivery Date.

Monthly profit center


Stock Reports

Stock Planner

Stock Planner report will help you plan your stock for future orders, this will calculate average sales for a given period and will check the present stock position and will let you how many days your present stock will last so you can plan your purchases and ensure adequate stock on hand


Stock Valuation Report

Stock Valuation report will give you Valuation at Retail and at Cost based COG Rate provided
You can search report by category, product name and can also export data to CSV, Excel, PDF, and Print.

Stock Planner

Zero Level Stock


Minimum Level Stock


Most Stocked


Running Items

Running items report will give you idea on what products are getting sold regularly from your store. This will be manageable from settings page.

Stock Planner

Slow moving Items

Slow moving items report will give you idea on what products are not getting sold regularly from your store. This will be manageable from settings page.

Stock Planner


Analysis Reports

Product Centre

Comprehensive Product Analysis on one single Product Dashboard. Report can be filtered by date and export to CSV, Excel, PDF and Print.

variation qty analysis

Customer Centre

Comprehensive Customer Analysis on one single Dashboard. Report can be filtered by date and export to CSV, Excel, PDF and Print.

grp var qty analysis

Customer Segment

This report gives you very important information of customers which is High Avg. Value of Customer, Repeated Customer, New Customer, Refunders, Low Average Value, since last 3 month purchase, recent purchase, recent refunders, At Risk Customers, At Lost Customers.

grp var qty analysis

Order Qty. Analysis Variable

This report shows variation product quantity analysis this will help shop owner to know how much variation quantities are getting sold in given date range.

grp var qty analysis

Product Combination Analysis

This report shows Group product i.e. simple as well as Variable products quantity analysis this will helps to know how much qty are getting sold by particular date range.

grp var qty analysis

New Customer/Repeat Customer Analysis

This report will show New/ Repeat customer report, which helps to know how many new customers and repeat customers ordered in particular data range.
The report is showing Month name, total sales amount, total order count, new customer count, repeat customer, new customer sales amount and repeat customer sales amount. This report can be filter by date range and also can be exported to CSV, Excel, PDF, and Print.

grp var qty analysis


Profit Reports

Profit Summary On Dashboard

Profit Summary of dashboard showing summary of total cost of goods, sales amount, total profit/margin and profit percentage.

new-repeated customer

Monthly Profit Centre

This tab is showing monthly profit centre with Month Name, Qty Sold, Total Cost of Goods, Margin/Profit and Sales Amount.


Product Cost of Goods

Product Cost of Goods report shows detailed sales figures having Product SKU, Product Name, Sales Qty., Avg. Prod. Rate, Avg. COGs, Avg. Sales Rate, Total Cost of Goods, Sales Amount, Margin/Profit, Profit % and Current Stock. You can export data to CSV and Excel. You can also generate online PDF.

You can filter this report by specific Date Range, Category, Product and Product Type (All, Simple Product, Variable Product and Variation Product). You can Order data by Sales Amount, Total Cost of Goods and Margin/Profit by Ascending and Descending. You can also only see data/items with Cost of Goods.

Plug-in gives you setting for enabling Cost of Goods and its reporting on Settings page.


Monthly Profit Centre

frequent order customer


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