Complete WooCommerce Subscription Solutions

We have comprehensive solution for WooCommerce Subscription based website, various Reports, Revenue projection based on Renewals data (weekly, monthly), Revenue split by new customers, renewals, automatically send Welcome emails, feedback emails, Survey emails, quickly send marketing emails from your backend in Wizard format and many more functionalities to get maximum out of your Subscription website..

WooCommerce Subscription Key features:

Welcome/Feedback Auto Email:

  • Send Auto Welcome Mail to the Client after subscription is purchased and after a week also resend mail for feedback

Renewal Revenue

  • Report showing Total revenue on Automatic or Manual Renewal on Daily, weekly, monthly basis. The order totals can include fees, taxes and shipping. Only orders with a paid status, like processing, completed or on-hold, are taken into account/li>

Upcoming Recurring Revenue Report:

  • The Upcoming Recurring Revenue report provides a basic forecast for your subscription revenue. The report determines the number of renewal events that will occur during a given period of time in the future.
    It aggregates all sales, including your subscriptions, giving you an accurate linear forecast for the next couple of months or years.

Dashboard Summaries:

  • All Dashboard Reports are more comprehensive reports like Top n Subscription products, subscription Country, Subscription due, Subscription Status, coupons, Month wise Renewal summary etc. User can set the number on the setting page

Other Summary Reports:

  • We have also other summary reports like Total Subscribed user count/total subscription revenue, Active Subscribers, Total free sign-up count, Subscription due and expired, Subscription Status report, Total renewals overdue etc. We have a Product/Month wise Renewals summary Cross tab report etc. User can exported this reports in .csv and .xls formats.

Today’s Summary Reports:

  • We have report based on today’s summary like Today’s Revenue, Free Trial Signup Count, New paid subscriber’s count, Today’s Cancellation or failed subscription etc.

Globally Price Change for Subscription:

  • With this functionality admin can change All Subscription price globally with just a single click, and auto mail send to clients for subscription price change notification.

Graphical Reports:

  • All the Subscriptions data can be displayed in Graphical form. It enables the quick analysis of large amounts of data at one time and can aid in making predictions and informed decisions.

Subscription Cohorts:

  • If we want to better understand how long a customer last as a subscriber, and when they drop off, we can take a look at subscription cohorts. This displays each month (which is also known as a cohort of subscribers), and the retention for each month.

Subscription suspended:

  • Get list of subscription suspended with reasons so user can easily track the subscription suspended with specific reason.

Retention and Churn of Subscribers:

  • We can see a graph of the retention rate over the period between what we have selected. On the right, we get an overall average of our subscription retention, and monthly recurring revenue retention. When you offer a subscription product, it’s crucial to know what % of customers are canceling and what % of customers are staying. User can use the cohorts report to understand how your different monthly cohorts perform over time.


  • Report showing customer shift higher to lower or lower to higher subscription.

Marketing Mails:

  • Quickly send various marketing email from backend in wizard style.

Subscription Lifespan:

  • This report shows us the total time between when it is first created and when it ends, either by cancellation or expiration. It is calculated as average monthly amount expected from each customer and divide it by your churn rate (the rate at which you lose customers each month).

Daily Auto Email Report Alerts/Summaries:

  • * Renewal Due Subscription summary (Daily, Weekly, Monthly)
    * Paid Renewals (Yesterday/today/current week/current Month) summary
    * Failed Renewal/ Successful Renewal (Daily, Weekly, Monthly)
    * Recovered from Lost Customers
    * Refund Subscription (Daily, Weekly, Monthly)
    * Subscription suspended (Daily, Weekly, Monthly)
    * Auto email to customer for Subscription price Change (we can schedule the Mail Date/Time).

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