WooInventory- WooCommerce Inventory Management System

  • Woo Inventory Dashboard
  • Woo Inventory Purchase Invoice Entry
  • Woo Inventory Stock Adjustment Entry
  • Woo Inventory Product Ledger
  • Woo Inventory Stock Report
WooCommerce Inventory Management (WooInventory) extension is ideal solution to all your regular Inventory related needs, Its easy to use and has all functionalities required to help you manage all your stocks.

Version Supported:WordPress – 3.0 To 5.1.1
WooCommerce – 2.1.10 To 3.5.7
Language Supported: English
Browser Supported: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE 11
Plugin can also support other languages, contact our Support Team
Plug-in does not supports Multi Currency.

Key Features

  • Set Opening Stock
  • Vendor Entry
  • Purchase Entry
  • Stock Adjustment Entry
  • Stock/Item Ledger
  • Back dated Stock Position Report
  • Stock Planner
  • Stock Alerts
  • Purchase List Report
  • Stock Adjustment Report

Purchase Invoice Entry

Here you will have to enter all you Item Purchase details and will thus increase your available stock as well.

Stock Adjustment Entry

Here you can make various stock adjustment related entries like Sales Return, Purchase Return, Refund handling etc.

Stock Alerts

Zero level, Minimum level, Max level stock alerts can bet set, and email can also be sent for same.

*Stock Reports will be effective and working for data entered after the Plugin is Installed
Please note in order to WooInventory Plug-in to work correctly and track all Stock movements, plug-in does not allow any direct Edits to Stock quantity, If you are using any 3rd party plug-in which allows Stock edits this should not be used else Plug-in will not work as expected.
WooInventory plug-in does not allow decimal in qty field.

Stock/Item Ledger

In WooCommerce stock plugin this report will give you every transaction details for a given Item so that you can get complete Idea on how a particular stock figure is derived, this will list date wise every Purchase, Sales, Stock Adjustment entries.


Back dated Stock Position Report

This is one of the very strong feature of WooCommerce stock management plugin, here you can get stock position report for any given period, you can get stock position report as on say Sep-30-2016 or as on Dec-31-2016, plugin will calculate stock position considering all related transaction for a given period, there is also option to show Stock Value based on Stock rate provided in backend.

Stock Planner

In WooCommerce Inventory plugin this report will help you plan your stock orders, this will calculate average sales for a given period and will check the present stock position and will let you how many days your present stock will last so that you can plan when you will need to place purchase order for same.

Inventory Add-ons / Other Plug-ins

Point of Sales (POS) Integration

WooInventory (WooCommerce Inventory Management) system can also be integrated with Point of Sales (POS) system, this may require some customization to make this work.
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Purchase Order System

Purchase Order is an Add-on for WooInventory to help you manage Purchase Order System, Purchase Order (PO) generation, Send PO to Vendor by Email, Pending PO Report, Enhanced Stock Report to help better stock reporting with details of pending PO Qty
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Multi Location Inventory

Multi Location Inventory is an Add-on for WooInventory to help you manage Multi Location stock
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