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WooCommerce Report Plugin Premium Gold Version 6.4 New features –

Comprehensive Refund Analysis, you can mark Refund Reason for different Refunds and get various Refund Reason based Report, this will help you know what are various reasons Refunds are made and which are top reasons of Refunds

Refund Dashbaord

  • Today Refund Count & amount
  • Current Month Refund Count & amount
  • Total Refund Count & amount
  • Montly, Daily, Weekly Charts
  • Recent 5 refunds
  • Top 5 refund reason
  • Top 5 refund products
  • Top 5 refund customer

Refund Reason Analysis

  • Daily Sales vs Refund
  • Monthly Sales vs Refund
  • Day Wise Refund Analysis
  • Add/Update Refund Reasons
  • Change the active status refund reason

Refund Orders

  • Find the refund orders from start date to end date
  • Find specific reason orders.
  • Find part/full refunded order.

Refund Reports

  • Recent Refund Orders
  • Postcode Wise Refund Summaries
  • City Wise Refund Summaries
  • State Wise Refund Summaries
  • Country Wise Refund Summaries

Refund Summaries

  • Refund Reason Wise Summary
  • Refund Product Wise Summary
  • Refund Customer Wise Summary

Refund Crosstabs

  • Product/Month Crosstab
  • Refund Reason/Month Crosstab
  • Product/Refund Reason Crosstab

Refund Settings

  • Dashboard Setting
  • Default Reason for Reporting
  • Default Admin Reason(Shop Order Edit)
  • Crosstb Reports
  • Refund Day Reports
  • Export Report

WooCommerce Customer Based Segments

  • Repeat Customers
  • Refunders

Customer-Based Segments

  • Customer who has not purchased since last n months
  • Customers at Risk
  • Lost Customers
  • High Average Value Orders
  • Low Average Value Orders
  • New Customers

Time Based Segments

  • Since the last 3 Months purchase
  • Recent Purchase
  • Recent Refunders
  • Customer At Risk
  • Lost Customers
  • Not Purchased Since n Months

Customer Center

  • Customer Basic Information
  • Sales and Refund Contribution Graph towards total sales/refunds
  • First and Last Sales Date, Total Order Count, Order Since Days
  • Total Sales, Refund and Products count, amount
  • List of Products purchased by customer
  • List of Coupons used by customer
  • Recent Orders
  • Month wise Sales Crosstab report

Product Center

  • First and Last sales date, Max Qty. Sold Date, Order Qty.
  • Sales and Refund Contribution Graph towards total sales/refunds
  • Current Stock Qty., Average Sales Qty., Stock Valid Days, Stock Valid Date
  • Total Sales, Refund, Coupon Count and Amount
  • Average Daily Sales, New Customers, Repeat Customers Count and Amount
  • Country wise sales, Order Status wise Summary
  • Product Monthly Sales
  • Product Monthly and Daily Sales Graph

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