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WooCommerce Inventory Management (WooInventory) extension is ideal solution to all your regular Inventory related needs, Its easy to use and has all functionalities required to help you manage all your stocks.


Presently plug-in works with default WooCommerce setup supporting WooCommerce version 2.1.10 To 3.0+ and WordPress version 3.0 To 4.7.2.

WooInventory Management plug-in will be effective upon Installing and Activating the plugin.

By default WooInventory does not support any 3rd party plug-in which affects Product/Stock related functionality/flow like POS, WooBundle, Stock Manager or others. If you are using any similar plug-ins this will require additional customization in WooInventory, please check with us on compatibility with such 3rd Party Plug-in before purchasing WooInventory Plug-in.

In Order to make WooInventory function correctly following are Operational Guidelines –

WooCommerce Stock Update:
You are not allowed to Edit WooCommerce Product Stock directly by editing Stock Quantity.

New Stock Addition:
Any New Stock Additions to be managed via Purchase Entry.

Sales Order Edits:
If there is any changes in Sales Order affecting Product Stock example, Change in Product, Change in Order Qty, New Product Add in existing Sales Order you need to enter respective Stock Adjustment Entry from WooInventory Stock Adjustment Module, failing to do so will lead to stock mismatch.

WooInventory will automatically generate respective Stock Adjustment Entry for Refunds, No need to make any stock adjustment entry for this.

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Language Supported: English

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WooCommerce Inventory Management

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