Repeat Customer Analysis

Repeat Customer Analysis:
This report will show New/ Repeat customer report, which helps to know how many new customers and repeat customers ordered in particular data range.
The report is showing Month name, total sales amount, total order count, new customer count, repeat customer, New customer sales amont and repeat customer sales amount. This report can be filter by date range and also can be exported to CSV, Excel, PDF, Print.

Stock Summary Planner:
This report is important from the store manager point of view. Admin will get a report where he/she will get an idea of, how many days stock will be available from his side for the customers to purchase the respective product depending on Avg. Sales Qty and Current Stock Qty. Of respective product.
This report can be filter by date, order by product name, Avg. Quantity sold, Current stock quantity, Stock valid Days.

Stock Valuation:
Stock Valuation will show you your inventory value at cost of goods, sales price, valuation at cost and retail, and units in stock for every product. You can search report by category and product name and also can be exported to CSV, Excel, PDF, Print. This is a simple report to give you the overall value of all stock on hand at Valuation at Retail and at Valuation at Cost for a complete inventory valuation.

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