Proven Ways to Increase Ecommerce Sales, WooCommerce Google Analytics Addon

Every e-commerce store owner always striving to gain more customers, more sales, following are very useful and proven ways to help you gain more sales, get more clarity on Google Analytics traffic, compare your site traffic data with actual sales, we are primarily focusing on WooCommerce based website/store but ideas are useful for any Ecommerce store

Increase Customer Engagements:

A customer engagement strategy organizes interactions and activities into a streamlined plan to create the ultimate customer experience, including before and after the sales, this will help in gaining customer trust, confidence and increasing user experience.

When customers have a satisfactory experience, they are more likely to make a purchase, with our WooCommerce Marketing Google Analytics Addon you can easily achieve this in very simple steps.

  • Welcoming New Customer

    Send an auto Welcome email to New customers,

  • Send Thank you email after purchase

    Either on all Purchases or some criteria-based purchases send an auto Thank you an email.

  • Give offers/rewards to Loyal/regular Customers

    Quickly find regular customers, and top buyers and offer them coupons or deals, this will inclined them to make more purchases.

Analyse Google Analytics Traffic Data with WooCommerce Sales:

Compare your website traffic, and visitor details with your actual WooCommerce sales this way you will get a better insight into your user behavior on your website, and buying pattern.

Product wise Compare Actual Sales with Google Analytics Traffic/Visitor data:

Compare Product wise Sales, no of Orders compared to no. of Visitors you are getting for that product page, is there more no. of visitors but less sales? If this is the case you can investigate as to what is that preventing customers to buy that product?

Country, State, City wise Traffic/Visitor and respective no. of Orders, sales:

Find out Country, City wise traffic and respective Orders, Sales

Send Emails to Customers who has not purchased since last n Days OR whose recent purchases are very less:

Find out which are customers who have not made any purchases since last say 30, 60, 90 days or customers who have made very less purchases recently and quickly send them some good offer, discount coupons by email so they come on site and make purchases, do all these in quick wizard style easy steps and in few clicks.

Offer discount for products not getting sold since last n Days or whose recent sales is very less:

Find out which are Products which are not getting sold since last say 15,30, 60 days or more or products whose sales is very less, quickly offer a some good discount on these products in order increase sales, do all these in quick wizard style easy steps and in few clicks.

Quick Email Survey for Customer feedback, service/product ratings:

Happy customers is what every business owner needs, Send quick satisfaction survey email, ask them to rate your shop, services, concerns if any this will help in let you know what your customers thinks about your shop services and do any corrective actions in case there is are any genuine concerns, this will help in gaining good satisfaction ratings.

Sounds lot of work isn’t it? Well actually not, with our WooCommerce Google Analytics Integration Plugin you can achieve all of above in very easy steps as all these functionalities are inbuilt in plugin and are just few clicks away

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