WooCommerce Coupon wise Sales Report

Using Coupons in your shopping cart helps you increase your sales and drive more traffic to your site

WooCommerce Sales Report plug-in provides you various Coupon based reports to help you get more better insights on which coupon is more popular and helped you drive more sales

On Dashboard plugin shows summary of Total Coupons along with count and amount. Plug-in also displays Today’s Total Coupons count and amount, Top n Coupons to help you know which coupon helped you in making more sales, Coupon wise detail Report


On Dashboard plug-in also lists Top n Coupons along with Coupon Code, Coupon Used Count and Amount to know highest used coupons.


You can get detailed summary on Details page of plug-in. You will also be able to see only orders where coupon is used by selecting “Coupon Used Only” checkbox.

You will be able to see amount bifurcation by Product Rate, Product Amount, Product Discount and Net Amount.


You can see used Coupon Code on Detail page by unselecting “Show Order Item Details” checkbox.


Plug-in has Coupon summary report on All Details Page where you can search data by specific Date Range, Discount Type and Coupon Code.


You will see respective result along with Coupon Code, Coupon Count and Coupon Amount.


You can export data into CSV and EXCEL also admin can PRINT data. Plug-in gives an option for you to generate online PDF as well.

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