WooCommerce Multiple Sites Consolidated Reports

WooCommerce Multiple Sites Consolidated Reports

We are glad to announce WooCommerce multiple sites consolidated reports plugin, if you have multiple WooCommerce websites this plugin will help you see consolidated Key Reports, summaries of all websites in one single Dashboard without logging into separate websites.

Dashboard Reports/Summaries:

Site wise sales summary

  • Shows multisite various consolidated summaries like Sales order count, Item count, Total Refund, Total Discount, Total Tax, etc. You can also see summaries for single site.

Site/Product wise Top n Products

  • Shows consolidated products summaries like low stock product, zero stock products, Total Products etc.

Site/Order status wise summary

  • Shows Sales order status summaries like Order status, order count, Qty sold, returning customer, Shipping, tax, GFross and Net sales order amount etc.

Site wise Top n. Customers

  • Showing Customer name, Quantity. sold, Tax, Gross and Net amount. etc.

Site wise Top n. Countries

  • Showing country name, country wise order count, Quantity sold, Returning customer, Shipping, Tax, Gross and Net amount. etc.

Site wise Top n Categories

  • Showing top product categories, with Quantity sold, Shipping, Tax, Gross and Net amount. etc.

Site wise Top n. Coupons

  • Showing Coupon code, coupon used, Total discount amount, etc.

You just need to add Sites and to see all summaries on one single dashboard.

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