WooCommerce Subscription Report Plugin

Version Compatibility:

WooCommerce 3.1.0
WooThemes Subscription Version: 2.2.7

WooCommerce Subscriptions can be used to sell any product or service that requires recurring payments. You can sell physical, virtual and downloadable products as a subscription.

Subscription Report plug-in helps you get detail subscription reporting based on Woothemes WooCommerce Subscriptions plug-in. Dashboard showing Total Subscribed User Count, Active Subscriber Count, Active Subscription Count, Paid Signup Count, Total Revenue, Total Free Trial Signup Count, Total Paid Subscriber Count, Total Cancelled Subscriptions, Today’s Total Revenue, Today’s New Free Trial Signup Count, Today’s New Paid Subscriber Count, Today’s Cancelled Subscriptions.

  • Subscribed User Count
  • Active Subscription Count
  • Paid Signup Count
  • Total Revenue
  • Total Free Trial Signup Count
  • Total Cancelled Subscriptions
  • Today’s Total Revenue
  • Today’s New Free Trial Signup Count
  • Today’s Cancelled Subscriptions

Displays total active-inactive subscribers who purchased your subscription product and renewal order. Active Subscription products with free trial and paid signup count.


Other Report will Shows

  • Top n Subscription Countries
  • Subscription Item List
  • Free or Trial Subscription Due

Subscription Expire List will show you all detail of subscription due.

expire list

  • Daily summary

This report showing daily summary of user count, free trial counts, Paid Subscriber count, 24 Hr. Conversion Rate, Total Conversion Rate, Cancels, Total Cancels, New Revenue, Renewal Revenue, Refunds .

Daily report

  • Subscription Detail

This report shows subscription order detail followed by Subscription. ID, Order ID, Order Date, Order Item Name, Email ID, Billing Name, Trial Expiry Date, Subscription. Start Date, Subscription. Expiry Date, Subscription Status, Subscription Period, Subscription Interval, Quantity, Recurring Amount.

subscription detail

  • Subscription Payment List

This report is showing payment list of subscriptions.

  • Subscription Expire List

This report will give list of subscriptions which will expire in Next 1/7/30 days.

free or trial subscription due

  • Subscription Summary

Here we will get New Subscription, New Cancellation and New Renewals counts and amount.
Also has sold product list with counts and amount.

  • Prod. / Month Crosstab

This report is showing product’s SKU, Name, Quantity and amount month wise.

crosstab prod-month

We can further customize this report plug-in for your specific requirements. Please write your requirements on sales@infosofttech.com

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