Managing REFUNDS and Adjust Stocks in WooCommerce

WooCommerce has enhanced the feature of Manual and Automatic refunding Orders. It also has the ability to restock the refunded item in stock it helps the user to manage a stock of refund which was earlier difficult to manage.

Manual Refund:
Admin can fully and partially refund the products, taxes, shipping Rates and fees. User needs to mark it as a refunded order for manual refund orders.


Steps For Refunding An Order Manually:

1. Select an order you wish to refund.
2. Click on the Refund button.
3. Enter the amount you like to refund.
4. Check the Restock Refunded Items.
5. Add refund notes.
6. Click Refund Manually.


After clicking on Refund $510.00 manually, Order will count as refunded order.
Note: For Restocking the items user need to check the Restock Refunded Item checkbox every time.

Partially Refund:
The User can partially refund an amount from the total net amount, from product amount or from shipping, tax zone. This refund are very useful for those store owner who provide refund policy of 10%, 20% cash back on the product after user resubmitted the item.


Woocommerce Premium Gold Plug-ins gives you detail reporting on Refund orders.

Reports are as follows:
  • Refund Detail
  • Refund Summary

Refund Detail: Refund Detail report gives detail reporting of fully and partially refund orders with their order ID, Amount, and other informational data.


Refund Summary: Refund Summary Report will be generated on date when refund was issued as well as on order date. Report will be Grouped By Order ID, Refunded ID, Daily, Monthly, Yearly.

refund summary

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