WooCommerce Inventory Plug-in Unique Features

Setting Opening Stock:

From this module user can “Set opening stock quantity” for each product for inventory.

Purchase Entry:

In order to increase stock qty user needs to make a Purchase Entry, this will increase your available stock in WooCommerce Stock Quantity.

Stock Adjustment Entry:

User can make various stock adjustment related entries for Sales Return, Purchase Return, Damage etc.

No need to pass any Stock Adjustment Entry for Refunds as this is automatically taken care of and respective Stock Adjustment Entry is getting generated.

Product Ledger:

In WooCommerce Inventory Management plugin Product Ledger will give user every transaction details for a given Item/Product so that user can get complete idea on how a particular stock figure is derived, this will list date wise every Purchase, Sales, Stock Adjustment entries.

Stock AS ON Report (back dated stock position):

This is one of the very strong feature of WooCommerce Inventory Management plugin, here user can get stock position report for any given period, user can get stock position report as on say Aug-01-2017 or as on Aug-31-2017, AS ON Report will calculate stock position of all items considering all related transactions for a given period.

Stock AS ON Report with Value:

Stock Valuation will give user “Valuation at Retail” and “Valuation at Cost” according to “Balance Quantity” of Items in list.

Stock Planner

In WooCommerce Inventory Management plugin this report will help user plan their stock orders, this will calculate average sales for a given period and will check the present stock position; then accordingly report will calculate for how many days your present stock will last so that user can plan when to place purchase order for same.


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